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Sunday, April 26, 2009
Don't Just Sit There on your Assets™

You can't turn on the news or browse the Internet these days without hearing about losses of assets — to persons, small businesses, corporations, or governments. There is naturally a lot of concern over these losses. Now is the best time, however, to look at what we have - and have possibly overlooked in the past.

Assets are commonly thought of in terms of measurable material commodities — whether cash in the bank, stocks, vehicles, real estate, etc. The most valuable assets we own, however, are those that are not as measurable in terms of exchangeable value, but have a far higher intrinsic value. We simply have to look in order to find them.

One of the biggest errors speakers of all experience levels make is not taking full advantage of their assets. We each have a uniquely distinct set of assets that differentiate us from every other speaker out there. These resources can be our greatest strengths, and are easily overlooked just because we are so used to them - they may seem common to us. We may even see them as liabilities.

How many speakers have you heard that have tried to be Tony Robbins, Les Brown, or Dr. Phil? Many people overlook some of their own greatest strengths trying to imitate (consciously or unconsciously) the strengths of others. The great thing about focusing on your own personal assets is that they are yours alone.

What do I mean by assets? Anything that you have acquired by experience, by accident, or by choice. For example, my wife Rachael Jayne, who is a professional speaker, speaks with a delightful Australian accent that many people (outside of Australia) find charming. A PhD degree is also an asset. So is having performed active military duty, experience as an elementary school teacher, or having won the lottery (duh!). Think of your assets as many links in a strong chain.

The most overlooked assets are people's stories. You have hundreds upon thousands of stories from your life. If you haven't already, start writing them down. As you write them down, more will come. You will find these stories from your life very useful when you speak. Using personal stories told in context of the point being made give the speaker authenticity and credibility.

Last, but not least, one day in the distant future you will look back with great pleasure at those stories, and realize it was all worthwhile.

Thanks for tuning in!

~Datta Groover

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